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Be sure your company can be found. Do you need help getting set up? BrandTell is your key to all your potential online leads.

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Your Website. Your property

When registering your domain, everything is done in your name.
This is important to us that our client has full control over their website & domain,
so if you find it nessasry to move, it will be easier.
Your happiness is what set us apart from our competition.

Online Advertising

Don’t get confused... Get in front of your Customer!


Results with Clear Data

You need an online presence to set yourself apart from your competitor.
BrandTell takes your product or services right to your potential client,
in front of them, be it a mobile device or desktop pc.

– What you need to start out –


A personal Facebook page
(Only if you will need to manage the page yourself later on)


A Website
(So that your potential customer have somewhere to go)


A Google Account
(Only if you will need to manage your account self later on)